Friday, March 13

New Beginnings

Have you guys noticed that there seems to be a need to slow down, step back and really re-evaluate?  I've noticed it on blogs I read, in those who are my church family and personally.  I was so excited about starting a blog and hopefully helping someone out there in this big-o world we live in.  I don't know it was necessarily a need for someone out there to be reading it as much as it was a need I had to feel like I was helping in some small way.  My two lovely babies aren't really babies anymore so their needs are fewer than they had been when they relied on me for everything.  "Is dinner ready" and "Can you help me with this math" are about the extent of hands-on daily needs that they have.

But, then, everything from our master bedroom and bathroom got moved into my quilting room for a remodel that was supposed to be "quick" but which has turned into "will this ever end???"  I was forced into a "You can't quilt right now" time-out that I didn't think I had earned for bad behavior but that God must have felt was necessary.  Sometimes jumping into passions in our lives isn't what He knows is best for us, regardless of how much we think it is.

So, I've been thinking a lot about what it is that God knows is best for me.  I've prayed a lot.  I've been silent.  I came to the conclusion that the world doesn't need another "helping" blog.  All the tips and tricks are already out there somewhere, on other blogs with beautiful quilters who have so much more to offer.  I'm so totally cool with that.  God has gifted them with audiences and talents.

Bottom line.  I don't think I'm supposed to be  blogging.  I may open that "Home Ec, let's learn to make pie and quilt" classroom.  I may just continue to make quilts as donations and gifts.  I know whatever it is, I want to be used by God to help make this world a better place.

Thank you for reading my blog while I had it.  I appreciate it more than you'll ever know!!!

As for this month's give-away, comment number 1 was randomly selected BUT then I decided since this was my last give-away, why not send everyone a fabric gift?  Soooo, I'll be sending an email to everyone who left a comment since last month and be surprising everyone with something I pick out from my stash.

Many blessings on all of you.  I pray that your lives are blessed with love and kindness and that we all choose to shower those around us with love and kindness as well!


UPDATE:  I've tried to contact those who left comments last month.  I haven't had much luck, so please send me an email if you'd like me to have your email so I can communicate about sending you a gift!  I may be reached at:

SuperMomNoCape - you ROCK.  I appreciate your thoughts more than you know! 

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  1. Hello Jennifer... you must of course do what you are feeling led to do. I just thought I'd throw this thought out there for you to think about further. In the past, I've led writing and journaling workshops at women's conferences. One of the things I've told those who chose to attend my sessions is that as women, because it is our nature to help and to nurture, we often feel like if we aren't helping someone directly then we aren't on the path we're supposed to be on. We forget that we must nurture ourselves before we are able to be there for others. If you are enjoying writing blog posts... even occasionally, then I encourage you to continue to do so. The joy you feel when you've completed a block, set of blocks or a complete project is just as important a contribution to the blogging/quilting community as any tips/tricks or tutorial. Be who you are and let that shine and you may just find that you'll have "helped" more people than you can possibly know. Aloha hugs going out to you!